Description du produit

Epsilon main goal is to command loads, and to get feedback from centralized loads (map table, skipper’s cabin, and technical dock).
The touchscreen panel reflects the real structure of the boat it is installed on. Are added on the images, icons representing the different loads, commands and modules present on the boat.
Everything can be adapted to your will.


IHM (MMI: Man-Machine Interface).

EpsiLon needs computer sciences to be implemented on a boat. The MMI EpsiLon (hereafter called IHM EpsiLon) is the interface allowing the communication between the user and the system.
On the menu bar, can be found: the selection of the level in the boat, the access to the battery visualization, the access to the administrator part, etc…


The IHM offers a classification of the virtual elements, divided in 5 themes:

  1. Light,
  2. Equipment,
  3. Navigation,
  4. Pumps,
  5. Gauges.

The last to themes are directly linked to different kinds of modules, respectively NPC for the pump and NMB/NMC for the gauges.
The themes appear on the first level of the menu bar. They are not always present on all the boat levels, since they are linked to the loads present on the different levels. When clicked on the themes displays the different loads present on the chosen level.