Description du produit

Epsilon is a power management system developed for the leisure naval industry.
It was developed with the boat builders and the users in mind.

Our modules

For the boat builders:

  • It reduces the weight of the wires.
  • It eases the fitting and the refitting of the boats.
  • It reduces the voltage drops.
  • It saves time.

fig6 fig1 modules_mesure1w modules_mesure2w

For the users:

  • It facilitates the command of the loads.
  • It saves energy with the ability to unballast equipments.
  • The system is easy to apprehend, and it offers an easy use.

Possibilities of Installation:

All the control panels are redundant, therefore reinforcing the command security. Command panels can also be added when needed.
We advise builders to use a bus structure (only two wires all around the hull). The bus structure provides a great simplicity, may it be for the fitting or the refitting of the boat. Even though, the powerline technology allows all kind of multi-topology architecture (bus, star, ring), which can be more adapted in some case that mere bus structure.

cata 3

How is a system composed?

Aware that all situations are different, APPEP gave Epsilon different electronic modules and command panels that can be adapted to any situation. Thanks to these characteristics Epsilon provides the flexibility needed depending of the environment or the kind of construction.

How to tell a module from another?

All the modules are independent from each other, and endlessly configurable. They are made to follow in real time on their own the variation of the parameters, and of the sensors. They are a good example of distributed intelligence.

  • All the modules are build the same way: three parts.
  • All modules are editable simply by changing the top part comporting the card.
  • They have six internal security protections (intensity, voltage, temperature).
  • They control at all time their intern parameters.
  • They can dialogue at any time with the control panels.